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Barcis lakeland and Cellina Valley

The Val Cellina is the biggest valley in the surroundings of Pordenone; Barcis can be reached within a few minutes via Montereale and three new tunnels. 

Located on the shore of the lake with the same name it is surrounded by meadows and forests. The brilliant emerald green lake offers a variety of sport activities as e. g. canoeing, fishing and in particular the Italian Championship of motor boat racing, triathlon and the rally Ronde. Following the road along the river Cellina you reach Claut, a rather interesting centre of sport events, which get held in the newly built ice dome; also the local History Museum is worth a visit.

Continuing through Cimolais and Erto you come to the dam of Vajont and to Longarone from where you may take the motorway to Venice or to the Cadore (Cortina d’Ampezzo).

Tours and trips

The lake promenade is equipped with pick-nick areas and panoramic paths. There are many possibilities for those who enjoy excursions: The Park of the Prescudin and the “Forra of Cellina River" recognised for their uniqueness as wild-life reserve.Through the Val Cimoliana you come to the mountain hut Pordenone from where via the Val Montanaja you reach the famous mountain called Campanile, which is a most interesting target for mountain climbers.The Authorities of the National Park organise a variety of guided excursions, which are characterised by different kinds of typologies and grades of difficulty. Particularly interesting are: an area with aviary for birds of prey, fossil dinosaur imprints, the peri-adriatic fault.

Taking the road from Barcis that leads through beautiful forests you reach Piancavallo (1.200 metres), an important ski resort where European championships get held. Descending the valley you come to Maniago, a little town worldwide known for its production of knives and further along you reach Spilimbergo, where there's one of the few Schools of Mosaic in the whole world. The musive works of art are exhibited in most important cities and churches of the world.